Instant improv method

Rumi …..   “Today, we wake up empty.

Don’t open the door to vexation, take up a musical instrument.

Let the beauty we love be what we do.”

“2 Sounds of Music” is a new music theory and technique enabling you to improvise music by ear and sight right now, without relying on written music notation. Play most any song you can hum, create your own music, or just improvise freely.

How is that possible? The new theory identifies two distinct sound domains that define the basic structure of all music. By directing your playing between the two groups, visually defined by color, you can improvise appealing music instantly, or play basic pleasing renditions of your favorite melodies.

Most all music relies on a flow between the two sound domains for structure, motion, expression, beauty, and resolution. From rock favorites to classical masterpieces, we can hear an essential shifting between the two primary sets of sound. Academic music theory and education has overlooked the existence, importance, and application of these two vital sound components.

Read the logical “2 Sounds of Music” theory and view it’s instructive illustrations, then use the prescribed methods to achieve the great reward of playing music now.